Frequently Asked Questions (updated on March 30, 2023)
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Is the structural formula information (SMILES) entered by user kept confidential?

Note) While we take every precaution to protect information within the KATE server, we cannot guarantee that information will not be leaked due to unauthorized access or other illegal activities. Information is used only for data processing and is not provided to third parties. Information during communication between the user's browser and the KATE server is encrypted and protected by HTTPS communication using SSL.
  1. From KATE2020 version 4.0, user input information such as SMILES is not held in the KATE server, but only in the session of web application. The session will expire when web browser is closed or after a user have stopped using KATE2020 for one hour, and information (SMILES, etc.) will be deleted automatically. Furthermore, new session is created every time prediction is run, and old information is overwritten and deleted.

What is the meaning of e+2, e+4, etc. in the predicted values?

  1. This is a form of scientific notation: e+2 and e+4 represent 102 (=100) and 104 (=10,000), respectively. For example, 1.2e+2 means 1.2×100 (=120).

Is there any published information about KATE?

  1. Yes. Please refer to the following references:
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